Course taught by faculty from Harvard Medical School and is held over four days of immersion in realistic simulation. It is a training for health professionals and educators who seek to create high-quality healthcare simulation programs. It includes elements and concepts of simulation as a teaching tool.

Subjects from aviation, psychology, healthcare, experiential learning and organizational behavior are basic to learn how to teach clinical, behavioral and cognitive skills through simulation.

The daily formats of the course include lectures, simulation scenarios, small and large group discussions, and practical exercises with feedback.

It is an excellent opportunity for networking and sharing experiences. The participants of this course will have the chance to join a community of leading institutions in the field.

The Center for Medical Simulation (CMS)

Founded in 1993, CMS was one of the world’s first healthcare simulation centers and continues to be a global leader in the field. At CMS the focus is on communication, collaboration and crisis management in order to develop skills and teamwork behaviors that are best learned actively under realistic conditions. Since it first opened in 1993, CMS trained thousands of participants using its innovative and challenging scenarios. CMS’ Institute for Medical Simulation emerged from a collaborative research project between CMS and the Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology (HST), with resources from Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation.

IMEPAC’s Center for Realistic Simulation in Araguari, Minas Gerais, will be the largest space for training with mannequin-based simulations in Latin America. With more than 1,500 m² of built area and international technology, the center will train students and professionals from Araguari and surrounding area, forming professionals who will be more prepared for urgency and emergency services and medical and nursing healthcare procedures.

How does it work?

Technology allows professors and trained technicians to program mannequins through a mobile app, simulating different health problems, from the simplest to the most complex ones. These trainings are essential not only for students in the learning process, but also for professionals who want to improve techniques and train risky medical procedures that are unusual in hospitals.

Plan your trip

IMEPAC’s Center for Medical Simulation is 25 minutes away from Uberlandia Airport (UDI). Both Araguari and Uberlandia have many accommodation options. Find below a list of some hotels and choose the one that best suits you:

Hotels in Araguari, MG

  • Monte Castro
  • Big Executive
  • Palace

Hotels in Uberlandia, MG

  • Presidente
  • San Diego
  • Executive In
  • Mercury

Car trip:

From Belo Horizonte to Araguari – 7 hours
From Goiania to Araguari – 4 hours
From Sao Paulo to Araguari – 7.5 hours
From Brasilia to Araguari – 5 hours

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